Kid College is a privately owned education project for school aged children K thru 12, and adults young & old.. featuring programs designed for anyone to participate in specialized topics which peak the curiousity of our members. We are not a home school solution, nor do we compete with traditional brick and mortar schools. We rise above all that. Our courses are created and mentored by professional educators and content experts in their respective genres. Featuring courses which enhance member proficiency in a large variety of interesting and relevant topics. Learning is all about expanding individual horizons.. the courses offered @KidCollege are the doorway which opens paths to a limitless future!! Get started Today..

Our commitment to you, is to embrace the opportunity for learning which we provide for every individual who participates in this community. There are no narratives or objectives hidden in our approach to teaching. We simply present knowledge to our students and mentor their progress at whatever level they require. Our platform provides a high level of engagement between instructor and the learner. There is never any pressure to meet deadlines.. our instruction is 100% self paced. So, live Life.. We make learning fun again.. learning which lasts.. Thanks for visiting KidCollege.org

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